Release the old & embrace the new!

Bust through old mindsets, embrace your soul potential and live your deeper truth.
Trina Lucas Psychic Spiritual Healer

Your heart whispers there is more to you...

And you just know it is true!

  • Your mind has been winning with its stories of limitations, but you’re ready to let go and step into believing the power of your own inner potential.

  • You are sick of playing small, and you are ready to shed the restricting and suffocating stories of the past.

  • You are ready to break free from blocks and obstacles to radiate your shining light from within.


You’ve tried before, you’ve made some progress, but only to a point.

How can you create the shift you really crave, and breakthrough to your next level? 

With the help of a Goddess, that's how!

Say hello to...

Your liberation from the stories that limit you, so you can find the unique truth in every moment, know your self-worth, and live with more confidence and freedom.
Goddess Healing Course

At the end of this course you will...

  • Have a Goddess to call on

    Establish and build your own channel of connection to the healing Goddess Kali.

  • Shed limiting beliefs about yourself

    Learn how to keep your inner narrative, your internal story of self, up to date - not stuck in the past! Or projecting too far into the future!

  • Create a new way of seeing yourself

    By connecting to Kali's wisdom and healing tools, see yourself through the benevolent and loving eyes of your own soul.

  • Interpret the uniqueness of every moment

    Learn a healing tool to keep you centred in the now moment. Use it any time you need to keep an open channel to your deeper truth of self.

  • A powerful healing meditation with Kali

    Receive a personal spiritual healing with the powerful healing light of Kali. You can return to this healing meditation again and again.

  • Relearn the sacred art of self belief

    Discover how to trust and believe in your own personal experiences, reducing the need for external validation!

In the words of those who have completed the course...

"The Kali course really gets you out of your head and back into your body. It is amazing! Trina holds the space for deep change beautifully and professionally".

by Donna Morgan

I had misunderstood Kali's energy. I now know how to work with Kali to help me cut through illusion and find my truth".

by Araleena Isse

"This course enabled me to get out of my head and connect with my soul. I found the information Trina channelled from Kali so powerful, but easy to follow, and so relevant to my life and what I struggle with."

by Janice Harvey

"Trina did an incredible job of breaking down Kali's wisdom into a perfect blend of easy to understand and grounded-in-reality lessons and exercises".

by Tristan Sinclair

"I love that this course is not the conventional perspective of the goddess Kali. Trina powerfully transfers light as vibration so you can actually feel it creating change in your body”.

by Dominique Oyston Singer/Speaker/Author - Founder The Goddess Voice Academy

"The Kali Course is potent and vibrantly joyful. Complex ideas around truth, illusion and perception were presented in a tangible way. Blissfuly grounding".

by Natalie Trevaskis

Hi I am Trina.

Aside from being crazy in love with my dog, and enjoying impromptu dances around my house, I am a passionate advocate of building a grounded and practical relationship to spirit for healing and personal growth.

I have more than 20 years experience communicating with spirit, in my busy clinic, as a practitioner and teacher of Spiritual Healing. Helping you understand your health, self and life, from the bigger picture perspective of spirit - is my passion!

I work psychically with a trusted team of healing spirits to bring positive change physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviourally to your body. I channelled my Kali Goddess Breakthrough Blockages course so you can have a direct connection to Kali and draw on her power for change in your own life.  

Here’s what’s included in the course…

  • 1

    Meet Kali: Powerful Goddess of Change.

  • 2

    Module 1: Kali's 3 key pieces of wisdom. Laying the foundation to release the old and embrace the new.

    • Kali Wisdom Lesson 1: You are an idea and a belief.

    • Kali Wisdom Lesson 2: The now-moment. The intersection of space and time.

    • Kali Wisdom Lesson 3: Believe in your own experience. Move beyond the need for external validation.

  • 3

    Module 2: Applying Kali's wisdom to breakthrough your blockages using 3 key sage pieces of advice.

    • Breakthrough Blockages Lesson 1: Experience and interpret the uniqueness of the moment.

    • Breakthrough Blockages Lesson 2: Release the need to frame your world in terms of linear cause and effect.

    • Breakthrough Blockages Lesson 3: Re-learn the sacred art of self belief.

  • 4

    Module 3: The Kali Healing Mandala: A Tool for self healing.

    • Lesson 1: Support your success using the Kali Healing Mandala.

    • Lesson 2: Guided meditation using the Kali Healing Mandala.

  • 5

    Bonus: Kali Presence Exercise.

    • Kali Presence Exercise: Quickly and effectively anchor the healing light of Kali into your body, heart and mind.


In the words of others who have experienced working with Trina...

“I am blessed to have found Trina – I go to her when I need help with big shifts. She is truly gifted, insightful, and experienced”.

by Jacqui Van Heerden

"Working with Trina has liberated me from the mindless stimulus-response programming I developed in reaction to traumas and challenges”.

by Louise Cengia.

"I equate meeting Trina with the start of my spiritual awakening. I feel beyond grateful she stepped across my path. Working with Trina is a life changing experience."

by Rachel Cox @TempleSoul.

“Working with Trina is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I never cease to be amazed by how profoundly different I feel energetically and spiritually; physical, emotional, mental… the whole lot!”

by Jared Osbourne.

"I have done many "spiritual" courses before, and I can honestly say I was absolutely blown away by the depth of knowledge that Trina offered and it far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the Spiritual Hygiene Course"!

by Wendy Richards.

"Trina is one of the most talented and unique spiritual healers I've found and experienced. I would highly, highly recommend Trina to anyone."

by Atira Tan, TED Speaker, Somatic Trauma Specialist, Founder of Art to Healing, #1 Best Selling Author.

“I wanted to find soulful direction and know myself better. I now have greater trust in my own intuitive gifts and my energy has stabilises, allowing me to work at a higher level.”

by Lisa Kniebe.

Is the Kali Goddess Breakthrough Program for you?

If you’re feeling drawn to this program, then chances are these will resonate for you...

  • You want to find healing through the light of spirit.

  • You’ve tried other therapies and are looking for something new.

  • You feel a strong calling to connect with your soul.

  • You’re ready to find your deeper truth.

  • You want to break old patterns keeping you stuck.

Do you have questions?

  • What if I have never explored spiritual healing before?

    It makes no difference! Kali has unique insight into how and why we as people create and get stuck in blockages. The wisdom and sage advice Kali offers throughout the course is practical, logical and sensible. You will be able to begin applying it to your life straight away. Further more the spiritual healing tools and super easy for you to use!

  • Will this course work for me if I don’t believe in spirit?

    You do not have to believe in spirit or spiritual healing for it to actually work. It is not a faith based practice. I have worked as a spiritual healer for over 20 years, with all sorts of people skeptic of spirit. That is until they experience first hand the therapeutic benefits spiritual healing brings to their life.

  • What is spiritual healing?

    Spiritual healing facilitates body and soul integration – bringing the transformational power of your Spirit to your body. It is wholistic in nature, delivering positive change to all aspects of your life. Including your physical, psychological, mental and emotional health. It is supportive of and enhances your personal growth and development.

  • What is a goddess?

    A goddess is a being of light from Spirit. Generally speaking a goddess mentors you to co-create your life. How? They deliver wisdom and healing support in regards to how matter, energy and consciousness unites together to form you! They empower you to co-create your life. To move away from having your past experiences in the world shape you and tell you who you are! And instead move towards shaping your own physical, mental and emotional life based on the deeper truth of your soul.

  • But Trina, I have heard Kali a force for destruction?

    You may have heard of Kali as the Goddess of destruction. Do not be concerned. Her power lies in her ability to slice away what no longer serves you, to make room for what is real, true and enduring for you. The enduring truth of your soul and spirit.

  • Is Kali a real goddess?

    She most certainly is! She is most famously known in the Hindu traditions. However she is a spirit of light who transcends all of humanities attempts to box her. I have worked with her clinically in my spiritual healing practice for over 20 years.